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In Memory

Robert Lewton

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02/25/16 09:45 AM #1    

Larry Aylor

Met Bobby in 8th grade. I think he was shaving by then. Bobby was a true friend. Worked as my plumbing subcontractor for 15 yrs. We enjoyed many a hunting trip and a beer on Friday afternoon.  We always talked around Christmas. For those who didn't know Bobby very well, he could sing like a rock star. Sometimes on the job I couldn't tell if it was Bobby or the radio.  I use to tell him that he needed to pursue that career.  Typical Bobby's answer wold be " I can't get up in front of people and sing.... damn Aylor, I'm a plumber! Bobby was one of the kindest guys I have ever known.  One time we were walking into Willy's bar when a bouncer came busting through the door with a little guy and threw him in the parking lot.  Bobby caught him and asked what did he do? Big ass bouncer said, none of your business!  The little guy said he was just a little drunk and had made a fuss when the bar cut him off.  Bobby said you need a ride home? Little guy said he had one.  Big ass bouncer asked Bobby if he wanted to take up for the little guy.  Bobby said no problem.  Bouncer left and we walked in.  Bouncer shows up with two more bouncers.  Bobby says to me, watch my back while I whip these two want-a-be's, then I'll help you whip that ugly one.  I thought to myself, well he will know I was Bobby Lewton! All of a sudden a female bar-keep walks up and asked the bouncers, do you know who that guy is, that's Bobby Lewton! Your mothers won't recognize you if you don't leave him alone.  They apologized and Bobby and I had a great time.  My point is that Bobby had a kind heart, his reputation was he was tough and he was.  He didn't look for trouble, he just always handled it. I will always remember Bobby as a Texas Gentleman. Rest in peace my good friend.  

02/28/16 11:10 AM #2    

Robert Bennett

Nice words from Larry Aylor regarding Bobby. Several years after college, I lived on Camden in Dallas for a while and Bobby lived a few blocks over. I always thought of him as a bad ass. Getting to know Bobby, I found him to be very funny and a really nice person. We had some good times and memories. Miss that gentle giant.

03/31/16 07:04 PM #3    

Barton Blaydes

Bob and I became good friends in 8th grade. He played football with me at Franklin Jr. High on the 8th grade team as well as the 9th grade team. He also was on the track team with me at Franklin. He was strong so the coaches had him pole vaulte along with Bobby Corgan. Bob also played football on the B team with me at Hillcrest our freshman year. When Bob got to know you he would talk constently. We were in math class together in 9th grade and he was always getting in trouble talking all the time in class. It got so bad that the teacher told him if he could be quite for an entire class period that he would give Bob an A for the entire semester no matter what grades he made on his test. Well it didn't work, Bob just couldn't keep quite for that one class so he lost his A grade for the semester. We kept in touch through the years he was a good friend.


Bart Blaydes

06/06/16 06:12 PM #4    

Jerry Holley

Bob and I were friends from the 1st grade until his death in December of 2012. We grew up together in Vickery and never lived more than a few miles apart until the last few years of his life. He died in Hayes, Kansas, where he had moved to be close to his two sons. If he was your friend, you could not have a better friend, but if he was your enemy, you could not have a worse enemy. He was always up for a good time or to try something new. And as has been stated already, if he liked you, you pretty much never needed to say a word, as Bob would never stop talking! He did get in more than a few fights over the years, but he never instigated them and I never saw him back down from anyone. He was a good friend and is missed.

09/13/16 11:13 PM #5    

David Frishman

Bobby and I were best friends, since the fifth grade, lived a house apart. When I read Jerry Holley's comments that they were classmates since the first grade at Vickery Elementary School,  it brought back decades of memories of Vickery and the people that lived there, Bobby's Dad with his stories of the old west, his sisters and Brother Dickie,  our little store, Vickery Elemetary School founded in 1926 (If I recall the cornerstone correctly, ) Vickery Park- the pool, amusement park rides, archery, baseball and picnic fields, the Orphanage at the current Presbyterian Hospital site, Lee Trevino, Glen Lakes Riding Stables, Glen Lakes Country Club, the trips into the woods adjoining Vickery, the Caruth family. JoAnn Clark Teeling may have more to add.



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