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In Memory

Grant Decker

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02/14/16 07:26 PM #1    

Jeffrey Mankoff

I'm so very sorry about Grant's passing, I just didn't know! He and I were half of the 1966 Dallas City Champion 440 yard relay team! He will be dearly missed!

02/16/16 05:42 PM #2    

Pierce Abernethy

Jeff, do you keep an eye on high school times, although I guess now they run 400 meters.  I (back in our day) broad jumped, as opposed to long jumps now days.  I scored points in a couple of our meets and my distances are competitive at the 2A and 3A high school levels today.  The big boys are a bit out of my range and almost are a bit out of my sight.


Fyi, Grant passed away in 1987.  It's hard to believe it's been almst 30-years.

02/17/16 02:27 PM #3    

Jeffrey Mankoff

Pierce, I can't believe Grant died that long ago, do you know how or why! I miss that guy! As far as track is concerned, I still watch the papers for times! I remember you competing with us and our times and distances would still be competitive in 3A/4A today! Thanks for the update and info and I really look forward to seeing you and everyone else in September, God Bless!

02/17/16 10:55 PM #4    

Robert Bennett

Grant was one of a kind. He was my friend. I remember going to Track meets with Grant and Jeff. He used to go round and round with Coach Grissom. Ha! Grant could really make me laugh.

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02/18/16 05:21 AM #5    

Jeffrey Mankoff

Bob, you he that right, Grant was one of a kind and sometimes drove me nuts! But that was why I liked him so much, between him, Bob Alterman and Jim Morris they drove me to be better! I'm so sorry I won't see him again, for a while I hope! Thanks for the memories Bob!

05/19/16 08:31 AM #6    

Brady Sparks

Grant's dad was an architect who designed some beautiful spaces including an all-wood Episcopal chapel on the SMU campus, St. Alban's, now gone. If I remember correctly Grant was left-handed, creative, very funny, great sense of humor, and really, really fast as a sprinter. Anybody know how he died? 

05/25/16 06:56 PM #7    

Christina Lonergan (Miller)

In the second grade while walking home from Preston Hollow, Grant jumped out of the water overflow sewer on Meadow Road.  To this day, I still can't walk by one of those sewers!  Fun and funny guy.

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