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In Memory

Richard Wallenstein

Richard Wallenstein

Richard was one of the kindest members of our class. He loved everyone and everything. His loss was a loss to everyone who knew of him. Richard went to UT Austin graduating in 1970. He left a wife and 2 children.

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04/10/16 12:27 PM #1    

K. K. Meisenbach

I remember Richard with great fondness and great respect.  Even at an early age he was a person of very fine character.  I have thought of him often over the years, even though we did not keep in contact.  I wish his family and friends the best.

04/12/16 10:00 PM #2    

Bobette Tenzer (Reeder)

I find it so interesting that, upon hearing that Richard was deceased, I had a visceral reaction of sadness.  I had not seen, nor heard from, nor heard about Richard since high school graduation...but now, when I think of him -  I miss his presence on the earth.  He was a very kind young man.  I'm sure that his children will carry on his legacy of being caring and decent...sorry that they lost him too early.

04/13/16 12:19 PM #3    

Pamela Owens

I'm very by Richard's death, and I wasn't quite sure why, but now I realize that I responded similarly to Bobette, even though Richard was not anyone I'd thought about since high school. It was because what has been said about him is so true. He was simply nice and, quite honestly, in high school an awfully lot of people really weren't. The ones who were stood out. 


04/14/16 01:31 PM #4    

Robert Wiskera

During the summer after our HS graduation and again after the Freshman year at UT, five of us took turns driving one day a week to Arlington for summer school classes:  Richard, Chuck Lewis, Warren Kamen, and Randy Finklestein (class of '65).

If I can recall, Richard has a beautiful Impala that he kept in immaculate condition.  Woe be unto anyone who got their feet on the seats while wrestling.

It was so much fun being witness to the joking and pranking that went on during those rides.

It was a time during the construction of DFW airport and when  "Cowboy Land and Story Book Land" still existed on HWY 183.   I learned some awesome shortcuts via Royal Lane through what was once open country.

Richard was an admired and great team mate on the Swim team which won the city championship our senior year.  We stayed in touch through college, as much as that's possible as we each found life after Hillcrest.   He always seemed so confident and put together which made his death so hard to understand.

Sadly, and what's all the more heartbreaking,  without explanation, I heard Richard took his own life


04/14/16 04:59 PM #5    

Marc Birnbaum

Richard was a great classmate and stand up businessman before he was prematurely taken from us. 

08/29/16 01:43 PM #6    

Lenny Licht

Richard, plainly said, was a stand up guy who was everyone's friend.  When Richard was in Austin, I was with the Henry S. Miller Company in Dallas.  I made some introductions as Richard wanted to get in the real estate business and he was a perfect fit.  It saddened me that his bouts with depression eventually took his life.  I never thought someone as upbeat as Richard could ever be depressed.  I remember thinking he may be the person from our class that has the potential of becoming a national figure.  He will always be very special in my thoughts and memories.

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