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In Memory

Sara Barnett

Sara Barnett

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02/12/18 05:20 PM #3    

Carol Rigney (Hagen)

Sara was a geniunely sweet person. May she rest in peace!

02/12/18 07:39 PM #4    

John Doggett

I too remember Sara, how kind she was and how she put up with a lot of teasing, not all of it good-natured.  I would love to know something about her life.  Is there someone who can share any details?  Was there an obituary?  Was she married and have a family?

Jack Doggett

02/13/18 10:43 AM #5    

Betty Hull (Priest)

 Sara was so sweet and endured some pretty unkind remarks during our school days. Bullying is not new. I ran into Sara and her baby at a grocery store back in the late 70's. Her baby was absolutely beautiful ! We spoke briefly and as I walked away I remember feeling so happy for her and the life she made. In doing research for our reunion, I was unable to find Sara's information so I'm curious how we discovered her death. RIP sweet Sara.

02/13/18 01:00 PM #6    

Carol Rigney (Hagen)

Several classmates have asked about Sara. Betty Glazer Silverman read Sara's obituary in the Dallas Morning News on February 10 and called me to let me know about Sara's passing. We confirmed that Sara was our classmate. Her obituary said that Sara had several children, wrote poetry, taught piano, loved Texas football and had many other interests. It was nice to see that Sara had a rewarding life.
If you would like to read her obituary, please go to the Dallas Morning News, February 10 Obituaries, and look for Sara Barnett Brockette. 

02/14/18 08:52 AM #7    

Janis Dannelly (Skiles)

Sara was such a sweet and kind person.  We had several classes together one of which was Geometry.  It was not exactly my best subject!  I mentioned this to Sara and she said she would help me with it anytime. Without her help, I probably wouldn’t have passed that subject!  I read in her obituary that she wrote poetry. We also had an English class together and she had once mentioned how much she liked poetry. She told me not to tell anyone because “it would make it worse”. I assumed she meant that the cruel teasing would be even worse. Bless her heart!  She had the kind of beauty that counted!  I am so happy that she had a happy and fulfilling life. If anyone deserved happiness, it was Sara!  Rest In Peace, beautiful lady!  💐

02/14/18 01:02 PM #8    

Jeffrey Mankoff

Rest In Peace Dear Sara.

02/14/18 02:06 PM #9    

Jane Bryan (Loveless)

While I didn’t know Sarah and wasn’t in any classes with her, I was appalled at the way some of our classmates treated her. No one deserves to be made fun of (what we now recognize as bullying). I hope those who were so unkind about her were not laughing in her face, but regardless -  even if it was behind her back - I’m sure she knew and felt it. 

I admired the way Sarah faced whatever her challenges were, and I hope she realized that she was a better person than those who belittled and mistreated her. It seems like some people feel superior than others, with no regard for others’ feelings.

I hope our grandkids now get the message about how devastating bullying can be. The horrific stories about the many suicides resulting from bullying should convince people of all ages that bullying is unforgivable. 







02/15/18 02:40 PM #10    

Robert Bennett

In my experience. I never saw anyone stick up for her. I too was one who made rude comments. My insecurities, lack of self worth, and maturity probably caused my poor behavior. I'm sorry I was a part of her suffering. I hope she found a good life and a little peace.

02/15/18 06:54 PM #11    

Janis Dannelly (Skiles)

I am happy to say that Sara DID know that she had friends who cared about her and took up for her.  One day Sara, Priscilla Cantwell, Priscilla Aikman and I had just gotten out of class. We were talking to Sara and two of the meanest and full of themselves guys in our class walked by and made an especially mean and nasty comment to Sara. Suddenly, Priscilla Aikman grabbed one of them by the arm and said something like “You two are the scum of the earth.  Sara is 100 times better than both of you!  Have either one of you jerks ever heard of the Golden Rule?!”   It took everyone by surprise!!  We were all so proud of Prissy!  She was a sweetheart and had a lot of compassion.  I’ll never forget that day!  I have heard that there were other times when Sara was defended against cruel remarks. It’s so sad that she had to endure anything but there were people who did try to make it easier for her!  ❤️




02/16/18 10:22 AM #12    

William Tompsett (Tompsett)

I did not know Sara well but saw some of the bullying. I have been ashamed for not trying to intervene. Priscilla, you are now my official high school heroine. Bill

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